Stinje drops Wild Life

Stinje has released his first solo album. The album is mixed and mastered by Bryce Graven of and Mastering Solutions and features Berner, Kool John, Pookie Dookey, Charles Ellis, Sahtyre, Chris Crayzie, Dub Lu and Shiesty. DJ Shies Grizley has made his first official album appearance with his chops and cuts putting the icing on the cake. The album is produced by Stinje. You can get the album on all digital sales channels.

Campfire Carl

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Human Music Video Uncut

A couple years ago J. Morgan and Shiesty planned this crazy zombie video that came out doper than anyone had expected. This video had a full crew on hand with light lenses and special-effects make up that rivals the best Hollywood has to offer. The video was shot and edited; and the music was produced, mixed and mastered by
Bryce Graven.

Apple Music & iTunes

Did you know that apple music pays less than 1 cent per stream? Buying the song on iTunes benefits the artist with smaller die-hard followings. Either way, most artists appreciate you listening. If you you really care, stream the music all day from as many devices as possible.

For those who do not know, and the one’s who forgot, All the music you hear on this site is available for sale and streaming, with few exceptions.


Mastering Solutions

ms logoMastering Solutions is the last hand that should touch your audio project. We work with your mix engineer to ensure minimal quality loss and maximum enhancement without harsh clipping or other unwanted side effects often brought forth by other mastering services. Mastering Solutions has been officially mastering audio since 2005, and engineer Bryce Graven has been active in the music industry since 2000.

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